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Mobile Comunicação is a design studio and design consultancy company that develops solutions through research and specific methodologies, helping companies of different sectors to achieve outcomes related to quality and market positioning.

Versatile and multidisciplinary, DMO works since 2004 in the many different areas of Design related to strategic planning, architecture, information architecture and research for innovation.

what we do

Design Solutions can be implemented at different levels of a company:

  • To promote the corporate identity
  • To reinforce the image of a company with it’s target audience
  • To communicate the corporate identity through print, websites and applications
  • To optimize outcomes through intervention in processes or physical spaces
  • To turn the flow of information, people and procedures more efficient

Tied to research and consistent methodology, the design optimizes process and becomes a return of investment, may contribute to the operation and systematization of business, projections for the products and services in the market and to the satisfaction of their customers, transforming goals into quality results.

Design Solutions provides the bridge between information and understanding between the goal and outcome.

who we are

  • ale2

    alessandra callado

    Managing Partner, architect and designer graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco , thrives in the best “rodas de samba” of Recife.

  • bira

    ubirajara de lucena

    Managing Partner, Product Designer graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco, for three year has being managing and developing user centred design projects. And can also be seen on his old style bicycle strolling the streets of Casa Forte


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